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Walk-in Wardrobes – Rapi-Mount Melamine Shelving

The crown jewel of the master bedroom, a Walk-in Wardrobe is the ultimate luxury. For those who are lucky enough to have the space available, we have the perfect storage solutions for you.

Oz Wardrobes has two unique systems: Rapi-Mount and Dura-Mount. Rapi-Mount is our melamine shelving system and Dura-Mount is our adjustable ventilated shelving system. Each system has different stand-out features, but both are built with exceptional quality, versatility and durability.


Laminate Colours
Rapi-Mount Melamine Shelving Systems only

The combinations of laminate colours and trimmings are endless. Below are 3 of our most popular Laminate colours. Click to see range of Polytec melamine colours.


Dark Wood Grain

Lighter Timber Grain

Trimming Colours

Trimming, or the ‘Front Channel’ attaches to the front of your shelf, effectively hiding the raw melamine material underneath. There are three trimming colours to choose from. Our team can also help you to match your laminate and trimming.



Satin Anodised

All shelves are 16mm in thickness. 

Dura-Mount Colours
Dura-Mount Systems only

Dura-Mount is predominantly a ventilated shelving system, however incorporates solid melamine shelves which adds a level of elegance to your installation. It also comes with its own range of accessories.

Ventilated Wire Colours

Powder Coated White

Powder Coated Silver

Shelf/Trimming Colours

Powder Coated White

Powder Coated Silver

Drawer Towers

Drawer Towers

Drawer towers are a very practical addition to any wardrobe fit out available in:

  • 4 typical configurations up to 21cm high and with 4 widths 45cm. 60cm, 75cm & 90 cm (custom widths and drawer quantity can be offered where applicable)
  • High quality, 15cm high double wall construction, full extension soft close drawers allows for plenty storage space. Also 5.5cm deep shallow drawer ideal for small items like jewellery, watches, belts etc.
  • Customise your drawer tower with laminate colours within the 16mm melamine range.
  • DIY to easily retro-fit into existing robe or we can supply and install for you.
  • All Rapi-Mount drawer towers now come standard with the Soft-Close feature.

The drawer tower systems were designed to compliment the Rapi-Mount melamine shelving system. Incorporating quick assembly construction with high wall metal sides, and a melamine laminate face, our drawers also incorporate high quality metal handles.

Drawer Tower Product Page


Oz Wardrobes have a range of accessories that you can add to your wardrobe. This enables efficient storage and maximises the space you have. Our Accessories give your items specific places; hang ties on pull-out tie-racks; organise jewellery into drawer compartments; present your shoe collection in a permanent tower. All accessories serve the purpose of utilising every nook and cranny, freeing up shelves and drawers for clothes whilst keeping your entire wardrobe organised.

Shoe Storage Solutions

There are 3 ways to store your shoes: the Melamine Shoe Tower, Pull-Out ventilated Shoe Rack or Wall Mounted Vertical Shoe Rack.

Trouser Rack

Our pull-out trouser rack comes in width of 64cm requiring 70cm of space in the height.

Jewellery Drawer

This is a great optional extra for your drawers, giving you evenly divided sections for all those small items of jewellery, ties, watches, etc.

Pull out Tie and Belt Racks

Storing ties, belts and scarves is now even easier with a pull out rack. These products fit well in the long hang section of your robe and provide easy to access to those accessories without having to move any clothes out of the way.



Click the link below to download our Specifications and Measurements manual:

Rapi-Mount – DIY Melamine Shelving Instructions

Talk to us about a custom made wardrobe today!

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