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Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors

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Bi-Fold Doors are a perfect alternative to sliding doors if you would like to access your entire wardrobe at one time. The doors roll smoothly along a single track suspended from the top and they are perfectly flush with your walls. Our roll mechanism is proven design system supplied by Häfele.

(Cafe Oak 4 Panel Door (featured), 2 Panel Door is to the right of the video. 3 Drawer Towers, and 2 6-Shelf Towers are also seen in this video.

Colour options can be chosen from the entire Polytec range.

These doors work best with Built-in Wardrobes.

Colours & Panels

Melamine is a tough hard wearing surface, ideal for high traffic areas, hallways, kids rooms and rental properties. Click to select available Polytec melamine colours if you want to choose other than standard white texture.



Four Panel Bi-Fold Doors

Maximum Height: 2400mm

Maximum Width: 2360mm

Two Panel Bi-Fold Doors

Maximum Height: 2400mm

Maximum Width: 1180mm


(Four Panel options displayed here.)

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