Shoe Storage

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The standard shoe tower has a capacity of 21 pairs of shoes + 3 pairs of boots. Constructed from 16 mm melamine board with a bright silver rod as a toe fence to hold the shoes in place. The standard size is 210 cm high, 67 cm wide and 35 cm deep. The width can customise up to 87 cm wide and available in other board colours. This is a fixed shelving system but does allow all types of shoes including high heels to fit neatly.


Standard Shoe Pull-out Rack

High heel Pull-out Rack (top), measures 64 cm wide by 45 cm deep and requires 25 cm of height to function. Shoe capacity of 9 average size pair of shoes.

Standard Shoe Pull-out Rack (bottom), measures 64 cm wide by 45 cm deep and requires 25 cm of height to function. Shoe capacity of 6 average size pair of shoes.


Both Pull-Out Racks work best with Dura-Mount systems.


Our wall mounted shoe-rack is a great solution when space is limited for storing those everyday shoes. The wire construction also helps maintain the shape of shoes and is a great way to get them off the floor. This shoe rack has the capacity to store 14 pairs of shoes.


Our fixed sloping shoe shelf will fit most styles and sizes of shoes. The toe fence is made from Aluminium (available white, black, matt or bright silver) giving the shoe rack a very modern sleek look.
The width can be made to any length and match the finish of the Rapi-Mount board you chose in your wardrobe. Capacity is 2 pairs per 20cm of width


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