Our various accessories are compatible across both our Rapi-Mount and Dura-Mount range. They add an extra level of customisation to your wardrobe providing you with endless combinations to ensure your wardrobe is organised.

Drawer Insert

Designed to fit perfectly into either our 45cm or 60cm wide drawers, The Jewellery Drawer gives you evenly divided sections for all your jewellery and can be fitted with a lock feature to ensure your valuables are secure.

Our Jewellery Drawer also works well for ties, belts & watches and is hand made with a velvet base and hardwood dividers.

Hand made with a velvet base and hardwood dividers.

Available as a single jewellery + single plain drawer or double jewellery drawer. 

Tie/Belt Rack

Our pull-out Tie and Belt Racks are both made of steel and make storing your ties and belts easy. 
Because they can be fixed to the wall of your wardrobe, they store subtly while making good use of the available space.

One of the best ways to preserve the life of your ties and belts is to hang them. When they are thrown into your ‘accessories’ drawer, they can become tangled, creased and in the case of a leather belt, can even kink permanently. Hanging ties also reduces the amount of times they’ll need to be ironed.



The Pull-Out Mirror is discreetly fixed to the wall* of your wardrobe in any long-hang section.

(Dura-Mount Only)


We also have a fixed, frameless, wall mounted mirror available if that would suit your space better. 
This fixed mirror can be mounted to a blank wall or above drawers instead of shelves 
Ask our friendly staff for more information and design ideas. 

Talk to us about a custom made wardrobe today!

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