Meet the Oz Wardrobes Brisbane South Team

Since conception of the Oz Wardrobes brand, this family business has grown from strength to strength due to the strong Christian values Maurice and Toni have held on too.

Since 2009 we have installed thousands of wardrobe sliding doors and internals fit outs in the Brisbane area.

Even though we have established a number of branded Oz Wardrobe distributors, we have also partnered with other independent wardrobe companies who are trained and licensed to supply and install the Oz Wardrobe range of products. This makes it easier for our customers to deal with a local distributor as we have many, all up and down the eastern coast of Australia.

We strive to give our customers a professional, friendly service and quality products, that will give you many years of satisfaction in keeping things organised.

  • Maurice
    Business Owner


    Business Owner

    Maurice is the “The Boss man”, “Big Kahuna”, “King of the Castle”.

    He shares his trade as a carpenter/cabinet maker with many famous people like Harrison Ford, Scotty Cam and Jesus Christ.

    Maurice has a clear vision to take Oz Wardrobes to the top of the industry through great customer service and satisfaction.

    Blessing underprivileged local & global communities gives Maurice great satisfaction, by helping people in difficult situations.

    In his spare time riding the open road on his Indian Vintage Chief Motorcycle is a great way he likes to unwind.

  • Toni
    Business Owner's Wife


    Business Owner's Wife

    Toni’s main duties is keeping the office stocked with supplies and nice things to eat, plus doing the banking, and other admin duties.

    Toni’s a real caring Mum showing loving kindness to all she comes in contact with. However when you get to know her she can banter with the best of them. Her favourite line is “you know I’m only kidding”

    She also loves nature which you can tell by her lush gardens at home and the plant life in our office.

  • Mike
    General Manager


    General Manager

    Mike is the General Manager and a good friend to Maurice & Toni.

    Mike has worked in the corporate world for 25 years. During that time has worn many hats, such as designer, sales rep, quality controller and project manager. His experience has been a real asset to the Oz Wardrobes team.

    He has travelled (with his wife) to over 15 countries to date; many of those trips have been serving the less fortunate.

    Plays acoustic guitar and is one of the band leaders at a local church

    Loves watching inspiring true stories and sci-fi movies

    His new joy (which has only taken 30 years to re-birth) is the thrill and skill of balancing on 2 wheels of his Honda 1300cc motorcycle.

  • Remi
    Receptionist & Second Eldest Daughter


    Receptionist & Second Eldest Daughter

    We appreciate how very important this role is, as the front and rear guard to the business. Remi’s phone and showroom manner is superb and you will enjoy speaking with her at the initial outset right through to the finalising of your account.

    “Shop till you drop” is her motto, keeping the Australian clothing retailers in business. However she is also a very good saver.

  • Tim
    Sales Consultant / Installer


    Sales Consultant / Installer

    Tim is one of our friendly sales consultants, but also manages the production team.

    Tim is a qualified carpenter who finished his apprenticeship at Oz Wardrobes. He is up for any challenge and very good at solving problems.

    Danger! he laughs at it

    He also can keep a mean beat on the drums.

    He enjoys chilling out on the beach with his girlfriend

  • Lucas
    Installer & Cousin of TIm


    Installer & Cousin of TIm

    Lucas maybe the youngest of the installers but he can pull his weight. He is often complimented by customers on how polite and professional his manner is.

    Like Tim he also laughs at danger riding his longboard or doing some other form of exhilarating activity.

  • Fiona
    Office Admin/Supervisor & Longest Standing Employee!


    Office Admin/Supervisor & Longest Standing Employee!

    Has an amazing ability to remember everything she has been involved in. The key to this is her implicit note taking and attention to detail. She just gets it done which is so needed in administration.

    She loves solving puzzles, and cuddles with her adorable cat James.

  • Darcie
    Estimator & Youngest Daughter


    Estimator & Youngest Daughter

    Darcie is one of the sales team who draws up and calculates wardrobe enquiries

    She also helps develop and maintains the social media marketing of Oz Wardrobes.

    Currently studying business management at University

    She loves getting lost in the beauty of the natural world, enjoying the beach or camping.

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