Shoe storage solutions

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4 ways to store your shoes, available in wire, melamine or pull out.

  1. The Ezi-mount wire shoe rack can be cut to fit any space you have available.
    A general rule is that for every 20cm of space  you can fit 1 pair of shoes (not suited for stiletto type shoes). Colour white.
  2. 14 pair fixed shoe rack requiring space of 210cm high and 48cm wide, ideal for garage or where you need to store a lot of shoes with limited space available to you. Colour white.
  3. 21 pair + 3 pairs boots, solid melamine shoe tower comes in a standard size of 210cm high, 67cm wide and 35cm deep. We can custom make these up to a width of 87cm allowing another 7 pairs of shoes + 1 pair of boots. This is a fixed shelving system but does allow all types of shoes including stilettoes to fit neatly. Colour white or Mocca fineline timber grain.
  4. 6 pair pull out shoe rack is a very efficient shoe storage solution because of the large amount of shoes you can store in a small space with the advantage of easy access in those hard to reach places. Colour white or silver.
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