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Shelve-It is an adjustable system constructed with its close deck wire platform allowing you to store even small food storage containers. With the air and light being able to pass through the wires you food stuffs will stay fresh and easier to find.

Because this product can be adjusted as needed this system has the flexibility to move add and subtract as you desire. Because it is shelve-it you can add either wire or mesh drawers to store those can or veggies.

Simplicity is the idea behind Shelve-It making it the ideal DIY pantry solution

There are three great colours in this system, giving you the potential for 6 different colour schemes.

There are 3 simple steps to the Shelve-It System:
  1. Start by fitting the hang track.
  2. Hook into the wall bands (slots in the tracks).
  3. Clip on the organisers (shelves, drawers etc.) for your specific needs.

Should your requirements change for a specific space, Shelve-It is easily modified without any renovating.

To help with your installation we have DIY instruction videos available

Feel free to call or fill out the form below for assistance with a design by one of our team.

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